Empowering Communities through Technology

A Better Sustainable
Future for Lasting Impact

At the heart of our organisation lies a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact on society. Through our dynamic social responsibility programmes, we are catalysts for change, working tirelessly to uplift communities and create a brighter future for all.

From supporting education and championing environmental sustainability to fostering inclusivity and empowering underserved populations, our program embodies our core values. By harnessing the power of collaboration, innovation and compassion, we aim to create meaningful and sustainable transformations that leave a lasting imprint on the world. Together, we can build a better tomorrow, where everyone thrives and the world flourishes. Join us on this incredible journey of making a difference, one act of social responsibility at a time.

Little Rose Centre

Little Rose Centre is a crèche, shelter and youth centre in Kliptown, Soweto.

In 2017, CoCre8 installed a container with thin clients, printer and software, to create a learning and entertainment centre for the children. Currently, the centre provides educational programmes to children aged between 4 to 18 years old. These programmes benefit the children by improving their developmental skills and subject knowledge in maths, science and languages. In addition, the centre is open to community members that require assistance and access to the internet and the technology, from creating their CVs, to providing basic computer skills and more.

Wot-If? Trust

CoCre8 empowers entrepreneurs from Diepsloot in media, tech and creative fields.

In the past, Diepsloot entrepreneurs could not apply their trade, specifically in the media, tech and creative industries due to a lack of skills, networks, infrastructure and access to markets.

In a township like Diepsloot, these constraints are amplified by:

  • The ecosystem’s fragmented nature,
  • The pressures of family responsibilities (especially for black women), and
  • The lack of access to basic business resources (including: data, airtime and high-tech equipment required for video, sound and photographic editing).

This means that the creative and digital economy remains a missed opportunity for talented township entrepreneurs. In 2019, CoCre8 funded a Content Lab with high-end Workstations, computers and the full Adobe Creative Suite. The Content Lab is housed in the Wot-If? Trust’s eHUB, a space dedicated to developing ICT and new media skills in the township. Being able to access the lab means that entrepreneurs have access to computers and software they might struggle to afford, ensuring they can complete client work and develop their content creation skills. To date, entrepreneurs have spent over 1 000 hours in the lab, working on 260 projects; thereby, doing what they were trained to do, as well as generating revenue for themselves and the community.

YES Programme

Youth Empowerment through CoCre8's YES Programme.

The YES Programme is a South African government initiative encouraging companies to employ young people with diplomas, degrees or matric certificates to gain a year of workplace experience. CoCre8’s YES programme ensures that youngsters do actual work and are prepared to enter the workforce. CoCre8’s YES candidates work in pre-sales, finance and services where they gain real practical workplace experience and emerge knowing how to operate business applications. The YES programme is an important part of our quest for diversity and inclusion. It is important to build people up from grassroots level, especially those who may not have had such opportunities before. While in the programme, CoCre8 does its utmost to develop candidates’ skills and give them a solid foundation for their future working life. They are mentored and placed within various departments on a buddy system. Furthermore, they receive training and development support by completing regular check-ins with their mentor and HR.

In 2020, CoCre8 concluded its first year of the YES programme with six graduating youngsters, and two candidates who were employed as full-time CoCre8 staff. In 2021, eleven YES candidates were enrolled, and in 2022 14 candidates joined the programme.