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In today’s complex business landscape, companies are under pressure to modernise their processes and embrace the digital era. At the heart of this lies the datacentre, which acts as the central hub where all elements of the digital world converge.

Concurrently, the introduction of new trends and technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and big data, is fuelling datacentre transformation. However, amid this rapid evolution, entities are grappling with the challenge of leveraging cloud-based services to become more agile and scalable, and doing this at a time when they are dealing with skills deficits and budget constraints.

To navigate these challenges successfully, datacentre solutions need to feature high-performance hardware, cutting-edge IT architecture concepts, innovative sourcing models, and professional services.

Fujitsu is helping customers thrive in today’s digital era, and guiding them on their transformative journeys by providing an extensive array of servers, storage systems, critical infrastructure, datacentre management software solutions, and preconfigured integrated systems.

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Primergy Servers & Primeflex Reference Architecture

Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers and PRIMEFLEX reference architecture products are the foundation of the modern datacentre. The PRIMERGY server portfolio offers a host of high availability features that suit the needs of both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as enterprise customers. The server range is based on industry-standard x86 architecture and has the lowest failure rate in the market while being able to operate in hostile environments. The PRIMEFLEX range is relevant to customers moving to Hybrid Cloud.

PRIMERGY ServerPRIMERGY Value PropositionPRIMERGY Security White PaperWhy CoCre8 for SAP HANAPRIMEFLEX SAP HANA for VMwarePRIMEFLEX for VMwarePRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Eternus Storage

Fujitsu’s enterprise-grade ETERNUS storage is built on a family concept, with the same operating system across the entire range allowing customers to leverage the same skills as systems are upgraded. Because software features are not licensed based on capacity, the product line-up offers a competitive cost per terabyte model. Also, licensed features are transferable when upgrading from one model to another using the in-place controller upgrade approach. The product range covers online storage, traditional tape libraries and backup to disk solutions, and focuses on the traditional DC storage and converged infrastructure landscape.

ETERNUS Value PropositionETERNUS & NetApp Resilient 
Data PlatformSDS & ETERNUS Backup Mainframe
& Open Systems

Client Devices: Complete Care Services

Elevate Your Experience with Our Complete Care Service – It’s All About You.

At CoCre8, we believe that growth is not just a seasonal phenomenon; it’s a year-round commitment. Our Complete Care Service is the embodiment of this philosophy, and it’s unlike any other. It’s a value-add program that doesn’t show prejudice – it’s entirely hardware product agnostic.

What truly sets us apart is our VIP Service Level Agreement (SLA) – a rarity in the South African market. With this, we roll out the red carpet for our VIP Customers, ensuring they’re not just satisfied, but truly cared for.

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