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In this age of big data, public sector and private sector organisations are having to deal with a constant flood of data and documents in digital and paper formats.

Unfortunately, if not managed properly, this can hamper employee efficiency and put the business at risk.

Moreover, as business leaders rush to implement their digital transformation initiatives, they need to manage their information, which is arriving in a host of formats and from a wide range of sources.

However, within this challenge lies a real opportunity to fuel growth and efficiency. Businesses that are able to successfully transform data into actionable insights will streamline their business processes and set themselves apart from their competitors, and ahead of the curve.

The question for most companies is not whether to embrace digital transformation, but where and how to begin. The answer is Kodak Alaris.

Kodak Alaris is a leading provider of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions. These solutions apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents that enable technology to read and process content in these documents, like a human. By using IDP technology, Kodak Alaris is helping businesses make sense of their data with smart, connected solutions delivering empowering insights.

Kodak Alaris Digitisation Solution consists of scanning hardware, business solutions software, and an all-encompassing services solution.

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Kodak Alaris Solutions: Capturing Data, Empowering Insights

Kodak Alaris Solutions go beyond imaging – they’re about exploiting opportunities and unlocking the hidden potential within data. It’s the convergence of cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity, transforming raw information into actionable insights. With Kodak Alaris, your data isn’t just captured; it’s harnessed to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and elevate your outcomes. Welcome to a world where data becomes a catalyst for progress, and every moment is a chance to innovate with Kodak Alaris Solutions.

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