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Is it time to turn the tables on the cloud?

We think so.

The frantic digital transformation inspired by the pandemic resulted in hundreds of businesses hastily moving all their workloads to the cloud. So hastily that cloud governance and control measures were left behind.

The result?

Almost a third of all cloud spend is now wasted.

Here’s the inescapable truth:
Not every application is designed to work in the cloud. On-prem infrastructure still has its place – it just needs to be used optimally at the same time as leveraging the benefits of the cloud.

The secret lies in knowing how to put the right workload in the right place.

Successfully leveraging the hybrid cloud means shifting your strategy from cloud-first to workload-first.

Because sometimes, just as the closest emergency exit on an aeroplane might be behind you, monolithic is optimal for some workloads.

Analyse your data and applications

Decide on the infrastructure most suited to the workload needs

Every hybrid cloud has a silver lining

The hybrid cloud makes it possible to break free from the shackles of the challenges of legacy architecture without compromising on governance.

Its enviable flexibility gives you the option to host workloads on-premises, in a public cloud or in a hosted private cloud.

Bottom line?

  1. A more optimised IT infrastructure.
  2. Reduced costs.

Of course, Hybrid cloud data strategies still pose challenges when it comes to resource optimisation, data security and governance. This is why you need the expertise of a global technology partner like Fujitsu, combined with the localised industry knowledge of CoCre8, the sole provider in Africa of Fujitsu’s hybrid cloud offering.

The complexities cannot be underestimated, and you need a partner who has the expertise, supported by significant investment, to advise you.

We’ve put together a range of resources, but as always, we would love to have a discussion with you to guide you on your journey.

In nature, clouds may come and go. In your business, the cloud is here to stay. CoCre8 will stay right here with you, offering innovative solutions to your changing business challenges in an ever-more digitised world.

Hybrid Cloud Resources

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