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Co-creation, co-design, co-invent & co-produce is the core of our business philosophy

Board members

Margareth Mahlangu
Non-Executive Director and Chairperson
(FSIH, CoCre8)

Mmapitse Maubane

Non-Executive Director
(FSIH & CoCre8)

Zuko Vabaza

Non-Executive Director
(FSIH, CoCre8)

Puven Ramasamy

Non-Executive Director
 (FSIH, CoCre8)

Hannes Burger
Executive Director and CEO
(FSIH, CoCre8)

Neels Pretorius

Executive Director 
and CFO
(FSIH, CoCre8)

Executive committee

Hannes Burger

Neels Pretorius


Edward Evans

Bernice Fourie
HR Executive

From the CEO’s Desk

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CoCre8's Commitment to Trust

In today’s business landscape, selecting the right technology solutions for achieving desired outcomes is a formidable challenge.

In today’s business landscape, selecting the right technology solutions for achieving desired outcomes is a formidable challenge. The economic environment is uncertain, risks abound from various directions, and distinguishing the right ICT investment projects has become increasingly complex.

In the face of this volatility, businesses seek technology partners who can guide them through the noise, offering solutions aligned with their strategic goals while minimising risks.

At CoCre8, we firmly believe that the primary benefit for our customers lies in collaboration, access to thought leadership, and the delivery of tangible added value. Our core value proposition centres on our ability to act swiftly, leverage our thought leadership, shoulder responsibility, and support our clients from the inception of projects to operationalisation.

Of course, capability is essential, which is why our team includes Principal Architects, Business Analysts, and Specialised Engineers who can directly engage with our customers.

Over the years, we’ve learned that no one possesses all the necessary skills. That’s why we’ve fostered a community of companies and individuals who collaborate, enabling us to offer a comprehensive suite of skills and services to our clients.

Trust is the bedrock of our organisation. Combined with integrity in our interactions with partners and customers, as well as our responsiveness and agility, we are confident that we can deliver substantial value to our clients.

At CoCre8, we’ve nurtured a culture where every employee feels empowered to make a difference and contribute to our strategy and execution. We’re fortunate to have a knowledgeable and cohesive team that works collectively to create solutions and maintain a sustainable work environment for all.

We extend a warm invitation to you to explore CoCre8 further and personally experience the value we bring to the table.